About Bill Sardi

A journalist by education, Bill Sardi is a tireless health reporter (he doesn’t like the label “medical reporter” because he talks about health not medicine) who has written over a dozen books about health and nutrition.

Skeptic, not cynic, Bill Sardi reveals the misdirection and falsehoods foisted off on the public by modern medicine and Big Pharma.  He is commercially involved in the marketing of natural remedies and says answers to today’s health problems will come by way of wellness promotion as delivered by private enterprise, not by government health agencies that are now bought off and serve as a shill for the commercial interests of doctors and drug companies.

Friend of none, Bill Sardi also directs his criticism at the dietary supplement industry that has failed to live up to its calling, as well as alternative medicine which at times has been as misdirected and as self-serving as conventional medicine.  Sorting out fact from fiction, Bill Sardi unleashes a cacophony of alarm bells about the impending collapse of conventional medicine and what can be done to stay healthy at home without all the doctoring and problematic medicines.  He says these services won’t be available when modern medicine inevitably melts down anyway.  He recognizes the cost of illness is now the leading cause of personal bankruptcy and shares his “five and ten-cent remedies” on his radio program.

He also writes on health and other topics at a variety of websites including KnowledgeOfHealth.com, ResveratrolNews.com, and NaturalHealthLibrarian.com, his online book site.  He broadcasts from his expansive medical library and office in Southern California.   His radio show is unique and unparalleled.  Whether you are concerned about autism or Alzheimer’s, bunions or blood thinners, cataracts or cholesterol, dementia or dermatitis, Bill Sardi has answers for you. 

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